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Human society has always looked at music as a global means of communication that connects generations. Recognized as the language of heart and emotion, music has always fortified philanthropic ties among peoples bringing hearts closer to one another. Through ages, music has established bridges between various cultures thereby laying foundations for peace, friendship, and love among people, and has contributed to the rise of epic, self-sacrifice, and philosophy.
Nowadays, man needs love, reflection, and humanitarian relations more than ever. Here, a “music-based” discourse and diplomacy stands out as the best approach to mutual understanding among various cultures. It proves a successful method of bridging the divisions between human minds and hearts as a prelude to closing intergenerational as well as intercultural gaps. Alternate diplomacy functions now in opening new corridors for engagement aiming at the introduction of a fresh and responsible discourse worldwide. Under these circumstances, the language of music represents a promising alternate diplomacy.
Center for Music Diplomacy is a non-profit institution committed to UN discourses and dedicated to alternate diplomacies gaining prevalence the world over through UN Global Compact. The Center aims at the spread of world peace through the promotion of cultural exchange in society via providing moments, for all, of contemplation and awareness propounded by music.
Center for Music Diplomacy is dedicated to promoting culture, art, peace, and friendship in the framework of responsible alternate diplomacy. The center is hosted by the nonprofit Swiss-Iranian Investment Forum, Global Initiative for Responsible Investment, based in Geneva that promotes sustainable development based on SDG principles.



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The Melodic World of Compassion
By: Peiman Soltani

Come back; it’s time for peace, friendship, and mercy
If only we overlook what has happened
Sa’di Shirazi

Today, countries have become weak nations. It is high time we set out to build a melodic world of compassion in order to prevent collective collapse of humanity, handle problems of loneliness, forced mass emigration, discord and inharmonious historiography. To do so, we need to distance ourselves from callous thoughts hindering empathy and promote, instead, incentives for peaceful coexistence, widespread compassion, permanent peace and tranquility via a firm social agreement. We need to draw new world maps with no border marks.
Cultural diplomacy aims at protecting peace and preventing war through a specific global mechanism. No doubt, a diplomat’s duty is to fight for their country’s interests yet their ultimate goal can be world peace. Granting that the subject of diplomacy is man, since all human beings share fundamental common human emotions, every local ethnic or tribal tendency need cohere with common human emotions before it can become globalized. This is the focus of human diplomacy.
In cultural diplomacy, the common pain humanity endures need be the focus of attention. This can be endorsed even by social realism as it omits ideological and political differences. No local issue may become classic in cultural diplomacy unless it becomes the common pain and want of man. The goal and subject matter of cultural diplomacy is to provide suitable ground for a common understanding of the world through art and culture that negates ethnic discrimination among peoples letting them all the chance for balanced coexistence in equality. Ideological demarcations and nationalistic tendencies ought to be exchanged for compassion in order to allow for philanthropic ideas. A diplomat may deploy local means to their end i.e. maximization of the interest of their nation, but if their means of reflection, talk, and argument too become localized, then they can pursue world peace as the prime objective. So, an Iranian cultural ambassador engaged in art-based diplomacy naturally resorts to poems and thoughts of grand personalities like Hafez, Sa’di, Ferdowsi, and Khayyam as their main concern is human being and human thought free from geographical affiliations marked by border lines. Consequently, the fundamental aim would be sustainable world peace.
The subject matter of art in diplomacy is man without demarcation. Local parameters, political, ideological, national, and regional elements and issues are to be discarded. It is incumbent upon an art ambassador to choose and combine their subject and instrument in a manner that invokes knowledge and emotion in order to affect all humanity thereby strengthening conditioned mental status conducive to compassion, tranquility, peace, and friendship. As a result, they ought to equip themselves with local instruments. They have no other means other than awareness and perception. So, the artist’s means of life constitute the source of creativity too. Understanding world art requires that all human beings come closer to each other on the axis of common human thought.
The new generation of media has increased the distance among people. Therefore, a cultural ambassador is, now, charged with the task of establishing friendship via compassion. The reconstruction of realities with the help of local means and instruments ought to be directed towards protecting global feeling. Languages, customs, and other symbols of difference must not hamper the spread and growth of the idea of compassion and love.


World Orchestra for Peace to promote UNESCO’s message through music

World Orchestra for Peace to promote UNESCO’s message through music

The United Nations cultural agency has selected the World Orchestra for Peace, an ensemble of musicians from more than 40 countries, to help promote its message and programmes and raise public awareness of its work on key issues.
 How music is the real language of political diplomacy

How music is the real language of political diplomacy

Forget guns and bombs, it is the power of melody that has changed the world



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